nurture. ignite. express.


About Kelly

Kelly has been teaching yoga for over a decade in Charleston SC. She is co-owner and creative director of Mission Yoga where she teaches, leads the Mindful Vinyasa Teacher Training Program, and maintains a Rolfing practice. Her mixture of anatomical knowledge and eastern philosophy make her teachings modern and playful but always steeped in the love of the ancient tradition of yoga.

Nurture. Ignite. Express.

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About Sarayana Yoga

Sarayana incorporates many different styles of movement to explore and support the higher aims of yoga as a whole. The name Sarayana arose from merging two Sanskrit words. Sara means Essence or what is essential or even the liquid that remains when something is boiled down. And Yana simply means vehicle, path, or method. The root word Sara is taken from the name of the Goddess Saraswati. As the Goddess of wisdom and all things creative and evocative, she inspires us to bring forward our distinct offerings to the world from a place of refined heartfullness. So, Sarayana is the path of essence or the essential method to awaken to our full potential.

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